Asphalt seal coats parking lots, roads and driveways while offering crack filling and parking lot striping. A sealer can be applied to an asphalt surface by hand squeegee, machine squeegee or by a sprayer. Typically, driveways are squeegeed while parking lots and roads are sprayed after first being trimmed by a squeegee.


Over time asphalt binder is exhausted and the aggregates begin to unravel due to the absence of the binding cement. Sealcoating helps to delay this process when applied properly. The rate of pavement deterioration depends upon the traffic volume as well as climatic conditions. The next step is the development of minor cracks that widen and deepen with time. If the cracks are not repaired at this stage, water seeps into the base courses and damages the pavement’s load-bearing capacity. It is evidenced by rutting, shifting, and serious alligatoring. The pavement then must be either overlaid or completely removed and reinstalled, depending on the condition.

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When applied correctly, the seal coating should last for three to four years and should never be applied every year. Sealing the same asphalt surface every year will cause the sealer to form a build-up or a hard shell-like surface over the asphalt which will start to crack and crumble. This will shorten the life expectancy of the asphalt surface requiring more extensive asphalt repairs.

Silica sand will always be added to the sealer to help improve traction in rainy or wet conditions.

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