Cracks in your asphalt are the first sign that your driveway or parking lot needs immediate attention. Effective crack sealing keeps water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base. We use state of the art hot tar machines to apply crack filler. Our devices both heat and pump the tar to ensure even and complete filling.

These machines guarantee to fill a crack from top to bottom strictly with tar.  Most companies use different applications of applying tar and do not fill the cracks with strictly tar.  Many contractors fill the cracks with sand before applying tar. This is the wrong way to seal a crack! We use the right equipment to complete the job the right way.

We use hot rubberized tar which is designed to expand and contract as the ground freezes and thaws, keeping your cracks well sealed for months. Many contractors will go the cheap route and use roofing tar as a crack filler.  Roofing tar among many other tars not meant for asphalt will not work the way rubberized tars do. Roofing tar will get very hard and crack open the first time the ground moves. It is important to seal cracks the right way because a crack is the first sign your asphalt is in distress. One crack untreated will become a lot of smaller cracks also known as spider web cracking or an alligator area. Once you see an area like this, the base has already been compromised and may need asphalt patching. Once you get enough cracking, you will be looking at repaving. Crack filling is a very cost-effective way to ensure your asphalt gets the most extended life possible!