The condition of your parking lot or driveway sends a message to customers. A well-paved, crack- and pothole-free driving surface says you’re concerned about appearances. It also says you’re thinking about customer safety, and that you want to protect their vehicle from damage when they visit your business.

But unsightly cracks and potholes send a different message entirely — and it’s not pretty.

If you care about sending the right message to your customers, now is the time to contact the expert Asphalt Paving Contractors at Schumpert & Sons Paving Company.

Our Paving Contractor team has the experience and expertise to handle even the large commercial projects. In addition, we can help ensure your paving project looks better and lasts longer.

We can design and build custom asphalt solutions for just about any shape and size, including:

  • All levels of road building
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Golf cart paths
  • Walking paths
  • Farm roads
  • Store Parking Lots
  • Road Construction
  • County highways
  • Commercial or private parking lots
  • Driveways

Commercial Paving Road Roller

Commercial Building Paving – The Best Paving Services in and around Greenville SC

We are a popular choice among commercial building owners in Greenville, Columbia, Newberry, and other places in South Carolina for our high-quality concrete paving solutions. Our expert commercial paving contractors take up concrete driveway, store parking lot, and shopping center projects with equal ease and expertise. We provide a range of services that are reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

Some of our popular asphalt services include:

Parking lot paving

Asphalt overlay


Striping and signage

Crack filling

We use the best driveway materials and the latest construction paving techniques to give commercial businesses the perfect driveways and parking lots. Teaming with us gives your business a long-lasting asphalt pavement with a dark, rich finish that will make a great impression on customers and employees.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Greenville SC

Asphalt Paving in Greenville, Columbia, Newberry SC – For Durable, Impressively Looking Store Parking Lots or Concrete Driveway

Asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials for commercial property paving because it is strong, durable, and low-maintenance. Added with concrete, it makes an unbeatable combination that can withstand the heavy traffic and weather conditions of a commercial property. The Commercial Asphalt Paving we offer in Greenville, Columbia, and Newberry is a mix of asphalt and concrete, which is then compacted with a heavy roller. This process results in a very strong, very dense surface that is less likely to develop cracks and potholes. Our driveway pavers make your commercial parking lot, driveway or other paved surface look great and last for many years.

Asphalt Overlay – Fix Damaged Asphalt Pavement

Repair existing asphalt paving with cracks, potholes, or other damage with our asphalt overlay service. An asphalt overlay is the application of a new layer of asphalt over an existing pavement surface. This is a common method of pavement rehabilitation that can extend the life of your pavement. It is a very useful paving service for maintaining driveways around commercial properties. 

Seal coating – Protect Your Asphalt Paving

Seal coating is the process of applying a protective layer to asphalt paving. This layer helps to protect the asphalt from weather damage, UV rays, and oil and gas spills. It also makes the asphalt look nice and dark. A seal coat will restore the color of faded asphalt, fill in small cracks, and make the surface look new again. This is a great way to maintain your investment in asphalt paving and keep it looking its best.

Line Striping and Signage – Keep Your Parking Lot Safe and Organized

Parking lot line striping is the process of painting lines and markings on a parking lot to designate spaces for cars, handicapped parking, fire lanes, etc. Line Striping is a necessary step in creating a safe and organized parking lot. We use high-quality paint that will last for many years with proper maintenance. We can also add signage to your parking lot to help with traffic flow and safety.

Commercial Asphalt Paving With Best Paving Materials

Our commercial paving solutions along with high-grade asphalt and concrete make the best use of other paving materials. For eco-friendly commercial structures, we can offer paving with recycled materials, plastic pavers, and permeable pavers. You can rest assured about the sustainability of the pavements and most importantly durability which is a key factor for any commercial space.

Crack Filling – The Perfect Solution to Fixing Cracked Asphalt Paving

Crack filling or crack repair is a process that seals cracks in asphalt paving. This is a necessary step in maintaining your paved surface and preventing further damage. We use high-quality crack sealant that will last for many years with proper maintenance. This is a great way to keep your asphalt paving looking its best. Our asphalt crack filling service is cost-effective for every Greenville SC business owner.

Best Greenville SC Store Parking Lot Paving Contractors

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